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I offer a variety of writing services for students at all levels of education. Whether you are writing a research paper, are looking to update your resume, or planning a full dissertation, I am here to help get you on the right path towards success. Check out some of the service I have to offer.

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High School Papers

Writing a thesis or analytical essay may challenge students. One-on-one, direct instruction provides them with the opportunity to learn the skills necessary for writing with clarity and using proper mechanics in order to gain expertise in the entire analytical writing process.

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Personal Narratives

Writing a narrative essay involves telling a story. Narratives require students to share personal experiences designed to evoke emotional reactions through the use of creative language and vivid details. With targeted instruction, students can perfect this technique.

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Research Paper

Most high schools require college bound students to write research papers in preparation for future demands. For them, as well as for college and graduate leveI students, I can help with topic identification, thesis development, research skills, organization, technical writing, and citations.

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College Essay/Personal Statement

Writing essays for college can prove intimidating for students who have so much invested in gaining admission.By working with students one on one, I enable them to find their "voice", so they can create heartfelt statements about their meaningful experiences.

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Supplemental College Essays

Supplemental essay prompts require students to respond creatively to a wide range of stimulating questions. After brainstorming how to formulate  thoughtful responses, students feel empowered to share their unique perspectives.

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Writing a successful doctoral dissertation requires higher order conceptualiztion, research skills, technical writing expertise, attention to detail, and careful editing. I can provide assistance with some or all phases of this complicated process.

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Literary Criticism

Literary criticism requires students to analyze and critique literature using text-based evidence to create cogent arguments reflecting their perspectives. After brainstorming, I help students express their ideas in a precise form that supports their arguments.

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Resume Editing

A well organized resume helps students capitalize on their experiences. I help them construct  resumes that delineate their course work, volunteer work, employment history, and interests, ready to be shared with potential employers or teachers.

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Step By Step Process

First steps are for us to get to know each other and talk about the concerns you have, and the areas you would like to work on. Each session is confidential and conducted in a one-on-one setting between you and I. From there you will upload any important information needed, or we will talk about a game-plan. After that there are 3 options you can choose from for tutoring. These options will allow me to give you an accurate time estimate, tutoring schedule, and investment for my services. And lastly, you can rest easy knowing you are more confident in writing and watch your grades drastically improve.

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The End Result

Hopefully you or your child will leave Charlotte Writing Advantage with the confidence and know how to create amazing writing pieces that will impress your teachers and professors. I will make sure you have everything you need to succeed and leave feeling better about yourself. I just ask that you pass the kindness on to help other with the same passion that I have.

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