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Writing essays for college can prove intimidating for students who have so much invested in gaining admission.By working with students one on one, I enable them to find their "voice", so they can create heartfelt statements about their meaningful experiences.

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College can be a pretty daunting reality for most high school students, and applying to colleges is one of the most stressful times in a young adult’s life. There’s no easy way to go about applying for colleges. It’s always a matter of: are my grades high enough? Did I have enough extracurricular activities? Will my essay be good enough to earn a high grade? It seems like there’s always some new thing to worry about when you’re applying to colleges. It’s important, though, that you do so. College is a necessary step towards future career goals, and without it, you may find yourself in a pretty troubling position. What happens, though, when you’re stuck on college entry essays? When you just can’t seem to get your mind around college application essay writing?

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First of all, remember this: if you’re trying to complete a college application essay and you’re struggling to do so, you aren’t alone. In fact, nearly ever single students that attempts college application essay writing faces a serious degree of anxiety and writing difficulty. Why is this? The reason is actually pretty simple. A large part of students' seeming inability to write college entry essays stems from personal anxiety. There’s so much riding on college entrance that most students end up suffering from overwhelming stress or other complications. This can severely impair their ability to craft unique essays. The other factor contributing to student difficulty with application essays lies in the essay itself. Application essays walk a fine line between selling oneself to a college, and entering into self-praise territory. Students have to make themselves sound appealing and valuable to the college, without sounding as though they’re tying to sound appealing and valuable.

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With so many roadblocks barring students from crafting great application essays, how can they ensure they’ll create a great essay that will guarantee them a college spot? Well, one key avenue towards college entrance lies with me. I am an essay writing tutor that specializes in college application essay help as well as other college level writing. I am able to offer competent, extensive college admissions essay help in the form of essay writing help, proofreading, editing or even simple consulting work. At the same time, our college admissions essay help includes free revisions for unsatisfactory work and a 24/7 customer support service that can answer all your questions. Trust me to help make your college admissions essays into something admission officers will love – because I know exactly what those officers are looking for! I have an intimate knowledge of what college admissions essays should look like. So if you want to get in to your favorite college without a hitch, use the writing tutor with the most experience – the writing tutor that practically wrote the book on college admission essays for dummies! I am ready and willing to start your essay today, so come to the Charlotte Writing Advantage – there’ no reason to delay any longer!

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