About Toni Thompson

I have over 50 years of experience in teaching, special education, and professional writing, which has given me a passion for teaching and tutoring students from around the United States about proper writing technique and creation. I started Charlotte Writing Advantage to help students and graduates learn and write to the best of their ability.

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Education. Experience. Success

I started my career after graduating from Connecticut College with a Bachelors in English. From there I continued my education at Vanderbilt University gaining a Masters in Special Education (Behavioral Disorders) and a Ph. D. in Special Education at UNC Chapel Hill. Afterwards I continued to get my Post Doctorate in Dyslexia.

With the education I received, I set out to teach around the United States, and now I focus on helping others learn how to write compelling content, and further their writing capabilities. I also assist in tutoring students who need help in certain writing areas, and getting acceptance to the university of their choosing.

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My Goals For You

I strive to use my knowledge and experience to help others in a way standard tutors and educators cant. I have seen it all. The changes in writing, language, and college requirements allows me to understand the right areas to help students focus in as well as guide them down a path of success. While most writing tutors focus on large numbers of students or are chosen by a website at random, you have the ease of mind knowing you or your child will be working directly with me. I take each students assignments and goals into consideration when planning a one-on-one session to help them grow and succeed.

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